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Welcome……today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Upcoming events in 2019:

Arrow break ceremony Sat 25th May 2019

Firewalk Sat 22nd June 2019.

See events page for details.

About Clara

I have always known I would study the healing arts.  As a young girl you would find me taking care of the local wandering cats and dogs; rescuing spiders from my sisters’ room (really!); or saving ladybirds from being sprayed with pesticides.

As a young adult I studied to become a podiatrist and for over 15 years developed my skills to allow people to walk pain free and enjoy life……. but something was missing.

Around 10 years ago, I fell into a deep depression.  A black void full of emptiness and loneliness.  The path I had chosen was only scratching the surface and not really making deep change in people’s lives including my own.   Change had to happen.  I had to do something, anything differently.  So began the intensive reconstruction spiritual alignment process.  To step up and take the reigns and accept responsibility for the creation of my life and the world I live in.  Rooting out old ways and patterns that no longer served. It was challenging and there were times I wondered if I was certifiable, but ultimately it was worthwhile. When you invest in yourself and your own well being, life just gets better and better.

Of course, I wasn’t alone.  When you take action; when you take a step toward the beloved; the beloved takes a thousand steps towards you.  So, the beloved did.  The teachers showed up in my life and the amazing journey of self-discovery and transformation began.  Sometimes massive shifts happened within the space of a heart beat and at other times a gentler settling in of the teachings over the course of weeks, months, years.

It is with the greatest joy and gratitude I find myself now able to pass on these teachings to you so that you too can find your bliss.