Clara first walked over the burning hot coals on Hogmany of 2014.  Little did she appreciate how this simply terrifying act would transform her life…for the better……

Tired from living in the endless cycle of work, eat, sleep, repeat.  I made a vow to myself- it has to be better than this! From today I start living my life the way it was meant to be lived!  I made a promise to end this cycle- so I did.

Fast forward 4 years and many more firewalks later, each with their own unique lessons.  I’m living a life I couldn’t have conceived of 4 years ago when I made that promise.  Now I work, live and love for myself.  Now I fully participate in the creation of my own life and the world I live in.

Guys, come here….look….I found a way through!  It took time, it took dedication….it took loving myself so much that no substitute would suffice. Come join me on the other side of everything you ever dreamed of and more.

Come walk the burning hot coals with me…………..for you…………

Fire heart love
Fire heart love, © Clara Hill, 2018